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Project Description

With this component you provide a full featured code editor and compiler to your application.
You can write, build and run code at runtime using .NET programming languages to provide your customers the ability to undertake custom actions on your application's events.

You can also redirect StandardOutput (eg. Console.Write) to the integrated auto-showing box. 

If you needed a scripting language AND a code editor this is exactly what you were looking for.

You won't teach anymore your ugly&dirty scripting language to you customer and you won't rely anymore on your own buggy parser: you will use worldwide spread, consolidated languages such as C# or VB and the .NET compiler to achieve the same tasks. In a far better and reliable way. 

Moreover when a .NET language evolves, you instantly gain access to new features just targeting the new framework at application's compile level. 

The main text editor is the superb FastColoredTextbox component you can find at:

To build CompilerComponent you need to download the FastColoredTextbox source code from the above link and compile the project to output the dll. Then add to CompilerComponent project a reference to FastColoredtextbox.dll and build the solution.

If you are too lazy to do this, well, you can download the current CompilerComponent release package in Downloads section. Every release also includes FastColoredTextbox.dll, but this one is not guaranteed to be up-to-date.  

To use CompilerComponent just add a reference to it from the toolbox window on VisualStudio and drag and drop CompilerComponent on your form as you do with any other component. 

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